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Welcome to our Sermon and Resources page!  There are many things here that you may find useful and beneficial to your spiritual nurture.  The Awesome Links section will take you to other web pages with great Christian resources on various topics and issues.  You can also check out several years worth of Pastor Eckstein's sermons by listening to an audio version of his sermons.  In addition, you might be interested in Pastor Eckstein's books:  1)  Bearing Their Burden which teaches us how to speak the Truth of God's Word in love to people who struggle with same-sex desire and behavior;  2)  For Theophilus which is almost 600 pages of Pastor Eckstein's meditations on the Gospel of Luke.  On top of that, you might want to read through Pastor Eckstein's His Word is Truth articles which were published in our city's local paper over the course of several years.  Also, if you are interested in listening to bible studies on various topics, check out the collection of live broadcasts of Pastor Eckstein as he is interviewed on the St. Louis radio program "The Bible Study."  Finally, we have links to various online devotions that you can read if you have a couple free minutes.  We hope this Sermon and Resources page is a blessing to you!